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Ellen McRae

Ellen became interested in bodywork and mind body practices at a young age and then drawn to bodywork as a profession when she experienced a bout of poor health in her early thirties. 

She trained as a personal trainer and fitness instructor then went on study in pregnancy, Indian head, Tui Na, therapeutic and aromatherapy massage as well as reflexology, nutritional therapy and iridology at the Raworth Centre in Dorking in 2000. 

Ellen continued her training at the Centre for Homeopathic Education in Regents Park for her licentiate in Homeopathy gained in 2003. 

Ellen has many years’ experience working as a Massage Therapist in clinics, hospices, onsite within businesses and client homes in London. Portugal and New Zealand. 

Once qualified in Homeopathy Ellen found that a mix of treatments worked very effectively alongside the massage, nutrition, reflexology and aromatherapy to increase a sense of well- being and restoration on a physical and emotional level.

Massage / Indian Head Massage

Massage is one of the oldest forms of healing. Treatments can include a variety of stretches, acupressure points, rocking and relaxing movements to stimulate or relax. There is deep tissue massage to detox and ease tense aching muscles or a gentle relaxing massage to de stress, relax and balance the body’s energy systems. Massage helps before, during and after pregnancy, improves circulation, boosts the immune system, reduces stress and pain, improves sleep, restores health and flexibility after injuries and illness  and maintains balance and well -being on a holistic level.

Choice of: Indian Head Massage, Relaxing, Pregnancy, Deep tissue, Tui na, Therapeutic, Holistic, Aromatherapy and Acupressure.


The hand or foot is massaged using gentle pressure on specific pressure points. These pressure points relate to channels in the body. The points and channels relate to organs and systems in the body. These channels can be blocked due to stress, illness, injury and therefore not allow balanced energy to flow causing pain, sleep disturbances, physical and emotional upset.

Reflexology unblocks and stimulates a better balanced flow of vital energy around the body and encourage the body’s natural healing processes.  It is a powerful relaxing treatment that helps  stimulate vital organs, detox, improve circulation and sleep, ease headaches, period pain, backache to name a few of the benefits.


Aromatherapy oils are made from trees, roots, flowers, seeds, fruit, herbs and spices. The distinctive therapeutic properties of the oils are blended in a base oil specifically for each individual. The synergy of the oil mix creates a powerful treatment for the whole person on an emotional and physical level along with massage.

This oil blend can then be taken home and used in massage, in the bath or as a compress. 


Homeopathy treats ill health with similars rather than opposites. Therefore stimulating rather than suppressing the body’e natural healing system. It is a gentle and effective treatment for many chronic, acute, physical and emotional illness’. 

Homeopathic remedies are made up from vegetable, animal and mineral sources. These remedies are chosen specifically to match  individual physical and emotional symptoms and can be given in pill or liquid form. 

Homeopathy is safe for pregnant women, long term ill health, babies and children.

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